Broadband Facts

The future of broadband is constantly developing with exciting new technologies and innovation.

Cable Broadband Providers Aid the State’s Economy and Provides Quality Jobs

NCTA- The Internet and Television Association commissioned an analysis of direct and impact of the cable operator industry on employment, personal income and gross out in 2020. The report finds that the cable operator industry is an integral provider of broadband and other communications and entertainment services to both consumers and businesses. Through its consistent investment of capital and its efforts to deploy new and innovative services, the cable operator industry has fostered the development of a highly competitive communications marketplace and has been a catalyst for broadband growth in California and the United States. As a result of these investment and innovation initiatives, the cable operator industry has had a substantial impact on the California economy.

$32.3 Billion

Economic Impact
Since 1996


Total jobs Created


Cable Operator Employees


Below are answers to frequently asked questions necessary to form a foundational understanding of broadband availability and service in California.

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History of
Cable Broadband

 In the past 65 years, cable infrastructure has evolved from providing television services to remote communities to the nation’s preeminent means of providing access to broadband services and applications. Today, cable broadband provides video entertainment, high-speed internet, digital telephone service, and more to millions of California consumers.